About mBiobank ΒΆ

Metabolic diseases are the most common and rapidly growing health issues worldwide. The massive population-based human genetics is crucial for the precise prevention and intervention of metabolic disorders. The China Metabolic Analytics Project (ChinaMAP) is based on cohort studies across diverse regions and ethnic groups with metabolic phenotypic data in China.

ChinaMAP plans to complete the genomic database with 100,000 deep whole genome sequencing data and 1,000,000 genotyping array data. The goal of ChinaMAP is to find Chinese common variants and low frequency high impact variants in novel genes and pathways for metabolic diseases and complications. The findings will define new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to certain subsets of patients at high risk for noninfectious chronic diseases. It is therefore unique and provides a great opportunity to discover and develop innovated risk assessment, prevention, and therapeutic strategies which will benefit China and the world.

To make the efforts to ensure the information from the ChinaMAP are available to researchers, we established the ChinaMAP browser (www.mbiobank.com) to provide services for investigators. Now, we provide following services:


In order to ensure that all investigators can use mbiobank fairly, the user needs to login the mbiobank before using above services.