1. I can’t browse the web properly.

Maybe our server is not compatible with your browser. We recommend that you use the following browser: Microsoft Edge, Google, Firefox, Safari.

2. Whether the service can be used for commercial usage.

NO. all services of mbiobank are for non-commercial research purposes only.

3. I didn't receive any email from support@mbiobank.com when I registered my account or reset my password.

Please confirm whether the email is incorrectly classified into spam. If you have made sure that the email haven't been sent to you, please contact support@mbiobank.com.

4. I can't find any variant of chrX in the ChinaMAP database.

There are only autosomal SNPs and INDELs in the current version. In the next version, we will add variants which are located in low complex region (LCR), allosomes and mitochondrion and variants which are filtered because of low quality.